What to Look for First If Your Freezer Is Playing up

What to Look for First If Your Freezer Is Playing up

What to Look for First If Your Freezer Is Playing up

11 October 2017
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Wouldn't it be nice if everything in your kitchen worked perfectly and never caused any problems? Unfortunately, this isn't utopia and from time to time you're going to face a challenge with one or more of your appliances. Today, it seems that the freezer is playing up and you're worried about all that expensive food that sits within. What are some of the potential issues you should be looking at right now?

Looking at the Obvious

If you don't think that the freezer is cooling properly, don't jump to conclusions and check some of the more obvious things first. The temperature regulator in some models is situated close to the door and may in some circumstances be knocked inadvertently when somebody is putting packages in or taking them out. Have a close look to see if the temperature setting is still correct. If you're not sure what it should be have a look at the manual for the appliance, or check online for that particular model.

Open and Close

You should also note that the internal temperature will be significantly affected if the freezer door is being opened and closed too often. Sometimes, this will cause a temperature warning light to come on, so just bear this in mind before calling out an engineer.

If somebody is accessing the inside of the freezer too often, this can also cause the motor to run continually. The engine inside is, after all, trying to keep the interior at the optimum temperature, so you should always ensure that the doors are left open for as short a period of time as possible. You may need to train other members of the family to do this, as well!

Ambient Temperature

However, you may also find that the kitchen temperature is too high. Even though freezer units in Australia are designed to cope with hotter than normal temperatures, you should still aim to regulate the kitchen temperature as much as possible to help out.

If you're still worried about the motor running continuously, check to see if there is a layer of ice on the back of the appliance. If so, you may need to make an adjustment to the temperature setting. Furthermore, don't be too enthusiastic when it comes to stocking up your freezer with food for the next party. If you overload the unit it might be difficult for air to circulate and this could cause inefficient operation.

Can It Breathe?

Always ensure that your freezer has a sufficient amount of ventilation all around it and especially if there are any vents that are close to walls or other appliances.

Still Unsure?

If you are still unhappy with the way that your freezer is operating, have a word with your nearest repair shop for additional advice.

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