4 Features to Consider When Buying Cake Display Cabinets

4 Features to Consider When Buying Cake Display Cabinets

4 Features to Consider When Buying Cake Display Cabinets

26 October 2017
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Many new business owners lack information about the key considerations that they should have in mind when selecting refrigerated cake display cabinets for their food service businesses. This article highlights some of the important features that should influence your selection process.

1.    Castors

Many inexperienced buyers rarely consider how easy it will be to move a given refrigerated display cabinet from one place to another within their facilities. Such an oversight can lead them to suffer huge inconveniences as they struggle to move a loaded cabinet by lifting it. To avoid this, select a refrigerated cake display cabinet that has castors so that you can push it to the desired location, such as when you are cleaning the premises.

2.    Customised Cake Trays

Food display cabinets often come with stock trays that can hold a variety of items, such as cakes and other pastries. Such general-purpose trays may not be ideal in case your primary intention is to display cakes in that cabinet. This is because the dimensions of those generic trays may be ill-suited to the sizes of the cakes that you wish to display to your potential customers. It is better for you to opt for cabinets whose trays were specifically made to hold different sizes of cakes so that you avoid the hassles associated with trying to fit your cakes onto trays meant for a variety of products apart from cakes.

3.    Adjustable LED Lights

It would also do your business a lot of good if you identified a refrigerated cake display cabinet whose LED lights are adjustable in terms of colour and brightness. Such a feature will enable you to alter the lighting of the cabinet in accordance with the prevailing conditions. For instance, you can increase the brightness of the lights at night in order to make the cakes more attractive to the people who see them.

4.    Interior and Exterior Dimensions

What is the size of the space that you have available for the refrigerated cabinets? You should never buy display cabinets without factoring in the space available for them in your premises. For instance, choose cabinets whose shelves are stacked upwards instead of those that have long horizontal shelves if your space is limited. In this way, you can have the same capacity without using up precious space for only one appliance.

Factoring these steps will help you get an ideal display cabinet for your business. The selected cabinet should not only be functional but also attractive and display your products in an elegant manner.

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