Possible Reasons Why Your Sewing Machine Has a Fabric-Feeding Problem

13 July 2018
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If you use your sewing machine on a regular basis, whether for minor fabric repairs or to flex your creative muscle in clothing design, then it can be quite frustrating when it suddenly ceases to feed fabric. If your interest in sewing was sparked recently, you might be worried that your machine is broken. However, before you rush it off for overlocker repairs, you should try to troubleshoot the cause, since sometimes it is a minor problem impeding the operation of your machine.
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What You Need to Know About a Cool Room Hire

6 February 2018
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Cold room hire can be a good choice if you're planning any outdoor event, including a large party in your own backyard. A cool room can give added space for all your foods and drinks to ensure that nothing spoils and that you don't crowd other refrigerator or freezer space. You can even store flower arrangements or other items that should stay cool throughout the day in a rented cool room.
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