How to care for your ducted gas heating

How to care for your ducted gas heating

How to care for your ducted gas heating

5 March 2019
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How do you heat your home? Do you have gas central heating, a wood heater, or ducted gas heating? Ducted gas heating is one of the most popular ways of heating used in Australian homes. It operates by drawing air through a fan and warming the air by circulating it above a heat exchange before moving it around your home.

Why choose ducted gas heating?

Ducted gas heating is highly efficient compared to other methods of heating, it allows you to maintain an even temperature throughout your property keeping your office or home warm and comfortable during the winter and pleasantly cool during the summer months. A properly set up ducted system will also allow you the option to selectively heat or cool particular rooms when your living or working requirements change.

Why is regular servicing important?

While ducted gas heating is an efficient approach to heating it still requires regular servicing to ensure that the system operates at peak efficiency. Ducted heated is a significant investment in your property and arranging for regular servicing will help to pick up any faults which could grow and lead to system failure if left unattended.

Failure to service your ducted gas heating could lead to:

  • Circulation of contaminated air around the property
  • Less efficient system operation
  • Failure of component parts which will then require expensive replacement

Who should service your ducted gas heating?

You can't afford to leave the care of your heating to someone without the right knowledge and experience. Your ducted gas heating has the potential to last for many years but for that to happen it will need the regular attention of someone who knows how to properly look after it. The services of a professional service engineer will help to keep your heating system operating at peak efficiency. He will be able to:

  • Identify components that should be replaced
  • See if the filters need to be cleaned
  • Check whether air parts of the system are close to becoming life-expired

If you have ducted gas heating in your home and want to ensure that it is kept in the best possible condition then you need to speak to your local professional servicing company and arrange for them to inspect your system at least once a year. They will be able to help you with any technical questions regarding the system and advise you whether any maintenance work is required.

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