What You Need to Know About a Cool Room Hire

What You Need to Know About a Cool Room Hire

What You Need to Know About a Cool Room Hire

6 February 2018
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Cold room hire can be a good choice if you're planning any outdoor event, including a large party in your own backyard. A cool room can give added space for all your foods and drinks to ensure that nothing spoils and that you don't crowd other refrigerator or freezer space. You can even store flower arrangements or other items that should stay cool throughout the day in a rented cool room.

If you're thinking about renting a portable cool room for any occasion, note a few considerations to keep in mind so you know what to discuss with the rental agency as to the type and size you need. This will ensure you opt for the right cool room for your next event or backyard bash!

Getting things cold

Keep in mind that a cool room, like your own refrigerator, can keep things cool, but these units may take quite a long time to actually get things cold. If you want to use your rented cool room to chill pre-purchased items like bottles of water or soda, be sure you plan on having the cool room delivered several hours in advance, if not even overnight. This way, you can properly expose those items to the chilled area in time for them to get cold before your event.


A cool room may come with its own padlock, or you may be required to provide your own, but many cool rooms that you rent or hire will not have a built-in lock, for your own protection. Having to use an actual padlock can reduce the risk of someone getting trapped and locked inside the unit because they won't be able to accidentally lock the door behind themselves. Be sure you're aware of this, so you can ask if the cool room you hire has its own padlock or if you'll need to provide your own, if you want to lock the cool room for any reason.

Stocking the cool room

As with your own refrigerator or freezer, a rented or hired cool room needs space inside the unit to circulate chilled air. If you pack the unit too full and don't leave any room between your items, those things may not get cold or stay chilled during your event. To avoid this risk, always rent a cool room that is larger than what you think you might need, rather than assuming you can choose the smallest one and then pack your items in as tightly as possible.

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