Six Signs You Need Fire Extinguisher Service at Your Business

Six Signs You Need Fire Extinguisher Service at Your Business

Six Signs You Need Fire Extinguisher Service at Your Business

12 October 2017
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Fire extinguisher services include repairs, tests to ensure your extinguisher works and advice on when you need to replace the extinguisher. Do you need fire extinguisher services? Here are six signs that you do.

1. You Want to Ensure Your Extinguisher Works If a Fire Starts

In the event that a fire starts, you want to be able to put it out easily and quickly. To do that, you need an extinguisher that truly works. When you get your extinguishers serviced on a regular basis, you can rest assured that they will work if and when you need them.

2. You Want to Be Compliant With Industry or Safety Regulations

In some cases, there may be regulations that stipulate that you need a well-maintained fire extinguisher. For instance, if you own a restaurant, you may need a working extinguisher. Apartment buildings, hospitals and similar facilities may also have rules like that. Additionally, in dangerous industries such as chemical handling or oil and gas industries, you may also be required to have extinguishers in verified working order.

3. The Tag on Your Fire Extinguisher Is About to Expire

Ideally, fire extinguishers should have a tag on them. The tag should say when the extinguisher was last serviced and whether or not it works. If you check the tag and it's expired, you also need to book fire extinguisher services.

4. You Can See That Parts Are Missing From Your Fire Extinguisher

Are you unsure of when the extinguisher was last serviced? Do you see missing parts? For example, is the ring and chain gone? Is the handle missing? Are the tubes gone? If so, that's also a sign that you need service. If you have missing parts and you fail to get the extinguisher serviced, it may not work as it should. That can be extremely dangerous.

5. You Can See Visible Damage

In addition to checking for missing parts, you should look at the extinguisher for damage. If you see dents in the cylinder or similar types of damage, that is a sign that you need a repair or potentially a replacement.

6. You Have Deployed the Extinguisher

Once you use an extinguisher to fight a fire, you need to get it serviced and potentially replaced. Many extinguishers release all of their contents as soon as you engage them. A service professional can refill or replace the equipment as needed.

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