How to care for your ducted gas heating

5 March 2019
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How do you heat your home? Do you have gas central heating, a wood heater, or ducted gas heating? Ducted gas heating is one of the most popular ways of heating used in Australian homes. It operates by drawing air through a fan and warming the air by circulating it above a heat exchange before moving it around your home. Why choose ducted gas heating? Ducted gas heating is highly efficient compared to other methods of heating, it allows you to maintain an even temperature throughout your property keeping your office or home warm and comfortable during the winter and pleasantly cool during the summer months.
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Possible Reasons Why Your Sewing Machine Has a Fabric-Feeding Problem

13 July 2018
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If you use your sewing machine on a regular basis, whether for minor fabric repairs or to flex your creative muscle in clothing design, then it can be quite frustrating when it suddenly ceases to feed fabric. If your interest in sewing was sparked recently, you might be worried that your machine is broken. However, before you rush it off for overlocker repairs, you should try to troubleshoot the cause, since sometimes it is a minor problem impeding the operation of your machine.
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What You Need to Know About a Cool Room Hire

6 February 2018
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Cold room hire can be a good choice if you're planning any outdoor event, including a large party in your own backyard. A cool room can give added space for all your foods and drinks to ensure that nothing spoils and that you don't crowd other refrigerator or freezer space. You can even store flower arrangements or other items that should stay cool throughout the day in a rented cool room.
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4 Features to Consider When Buying Cake Display Cabinets

26 October 2017
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Many new business owners lack information about the key considerations that they should have in mind when selecting refrigerated cake display cabinets for their food service businesses. This article highlights some of the important features that should influence your selection process. 1.    Castors Many inexperienced buyers rarely consider how easy it will be to move a given refrigerated display cabinet from one place to another within their facilities. Such an oversight can lead them to suffer huge inconveniences as they struggle to move a loaded cabinet by lifting it.
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How to service and maintain and your expobar coffee machine

12 October 2017
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Most problems associated with coffee machines arise from poor cleaning and servicing of your machines regularly. Simply carrying out a routine clean and checkup will ensure then longevity of the machine and the quality of coffee produced. Below are some cleaning and maintenance tips that may increase the life of your coffee machine. Group head-- Clean the group head every morning with a teaspoon of group head cleaner by adding it a porta filter and attaching it to the group.
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